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With a number of years experience in multiple disciplines, new challenges still bring excitement. Feel free to drop me a line to see how we can collaborate. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Robert Maguire
7107 Holly Ave.
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Advertising. Packaging. Web.

The tools are different, but the applications are similar. The goal is simple - Find effectives way to communicate, and then execute the ideas the best way possible. Each project offers a different challenge – a challenge drives my passion for good communication.

For almost 7 years, I worked at a full service ad agency as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, gaining valuable experience in a fast paced, diverse, deadline driven envionment, creating campaigns and materials from logos, ads, websites, and TV commercials. I immediately followed that experience by becomming the in-house Senior Graphic Designer for an established company with a weak brand presence. I was hired primarily to do package design for their new products, but quickly expanded my reach to help them with their brand presence, both inwardly and to consumers.

After growing up on the East Coast, opportunity presented itself to me in the Midwest, then the Bay Area. Through my travels I've worked with a diverse group of companies, gathering insight from each experience.

    Hey, Howdy, And Welcome!
    You've landed at – and I'm thrilled you did. This piece of the website here contains a bunch of work that I've done in the past. There are some print campaigns, some social campaigns, and some web campaigns.

    King's Catch Pre-marinated Shrimp Package.
    Nouvelle Eve Website
    Bemis Center Creativity Festival
    Pasta Prima Marketing Materials's Club Breathe Campaign
    Pasta Prima Organic Spinach and Cheese Redesign
    Bemis Center Arte Del Amor Event
    Pasta Prima Online Initiative
    Sameul Colt Museum Exhibition Materials
    Weitz Fund Prospectus Report
    elgi Designs Logo and Collateral Materials